Participation requirements & Certification

    • The full 7-year program will be taught by His Holiness Ratna Vajra Rinpoche at the International Buddhist Academy in Kathmadu.
    • Selected partner centers will host the first three years of this program to be taught by qualified lamas and guest teachers (please go to CENTERS page for more information).
    • His Holiness will teach directly in English with the possibility of translations into other languages for groups. Simultaneous translation into Mandarin Chinese and Spanish is confirmed for 2018.
    • The first year (2017) is open to everyone. Participation from the second year (2018) onward requires completion of the previous levels.
    • Students who have not been able to receive the TCP teachings of 2017 at IBA or any of the partner centers, but would still like to join the program, are now able to do so. After registering for the course with IBA, students will be sent links to access the review packages prepared from the 2017 teachings, held in 18 lessons. These include:
      • Videos of His Holiness’ teachings from TCP 2017
      • Audio recordings of the teachings 
      • Edited transcripts  
      • Review questions for each lesson
      • Multiple choice quizzes for each lesson

      To be eligible to join TCP 2018, students will need to register with IBA and pay the participation fees, and commit to:

      • Watch or listen to the entire 18-day course of TCP 2017 with His Holiness the 42nd Sakya Trizin
      • Read the root text by Sakya Pandita
      • Fill out and return review questions and multiple choice quizzes
      • (In addition students are encouraged to read the commentary by Khenchen Appey Rinpoche.)
  • The topic of TCP 2018 is The Beautiful Ornament of the Three Visions by Ngorchen Khönchog Lhundrup. Students who have received and studied these teachings fully in the context of the transmission of the Lamdre teachings from the lineage holders of the Sakya Khön family, have the option of not participating in the TCP 2018 and are still eligible for TCP 2019. 
  • At the end of each year’s course, participants will receive a certification attesting their qualification to continue the program. This will help students gain an authentic understanding of the entire path.
  • A special certificate will be awarded to participants for completion of the full 7-year program.


For information on IBA and registration please visit: